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Data is becoming more crucial in a constantly changing market

Our mission is to capture and analyze data to help you learn what’s working

Unveiling market insights

what is the cost of being wrong?

Every year, thousands of consumer products are launched, and over 90% of them fail. Deciphering and understanding market trends is crucial, which leads producers to pay for expensive market studies or trying to do their own research, with the limitations it implies. 


Our mission is to capture and analyze your own consumers ‘ data to help you learn what works, and we can do it for 25.000dkk


What we do

SensiMate is an awarded company out of DTU, specializing in creating and completing consumer tests in the food and drinks industry. Concretely, We design studies where we serve your products to consumers in exchange for their feedback, gathering a quick and honest picture of consumers’ preferences. We can help you just like we today are helping Carlsberg and an array of smaller producers


What Our Clients Say?

It has been a pleasure working with Sensimate, their digital survey tool is very effective and has provided us with good insights for our R&D activities.
Olayide Oladokun
Project leader at Carlsberg Research Lab
The qualitative information that came with was super important and really helped to confirm our gut feeling.We also really like that it can be done within a week.
Karin Beukel
Founder of Agrain
The sensimate model

How it works


What do you want to know ?

Our expertise in product experience testing ensures the results you need to go beyond. Our experts take your need for answers and through a close work-relationship turn it into carefully chosen questions that ensure the results to take your product development to the next level. To get started, all you have to do is book an un-committing meeting, and hear further about how we can help you solve your R&D bottleneck today.


Prepare the samples

Once your testing goals have been defined, it is time to prepare the samples around which the results will be gathered. These might already be standing around, or underway, or they are leftovers from another run. Our agile way of operations allows us to create value from any sample. All left now is to put them together and await pickup!


Receive the answers

Our digital survey platform allows for a quick turnaround, giving you insights into the testing and its results before the weekend is even over. This way we want to ensure value creation in your downtime, so that our processes can join together helping propel your forwards, easier and quicker than ever before. Read more about our data handling and how data can help you go beyond by clicking the button below.

Start Your journey with sensiMate

Consultation and study design

We consult in data gathering and approach according to your needs. We’ll construct and present the study allowing for potential adjustments.

Preparation and shipping of samples

The necessary product samples has to be packed and shipped to the agreed location.

Data gathering by SensiMate

Data gathering happens by serving the samples to a partially segmented audience, who as a part of the interaction shares their opinions.

Presentation of results

We analyse the gathered data and present the results to you. We strive to always present concrete insights ready to be implemented.