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Data is becoming more crucial in a constantly changing market

Our mission is to capture and analyze data to help you learn what’s working

Unveiling market insights

What is the cost of failing?

Every year, thousands of consumer products are launched, and over 90% of them fail. Deciphering and understanding market trends is crucial, which leads producers to pay for expensive market studies or into attempting their own research, with all of the inherent limitations that these approaches can have.

Our mission is to capture and analyze your own consumers ‘ data, to help you learn what works, what does not and what is needed.


What we do

SensiMate is a prize-winning company born out of DTU´s X-Tech Programme. We specialize in the acquisition of consumer market intelligence in the food and drinks industry. We design and organize events  and gather consumer feedback. Our approach ensures a rapid and honest picture of consumer’ opinions. We can provide solutions for producers, big and small, to help them to find the right segment and niche for their products.


What Our Clients Say?

It has been a pleasure working with Sensimate, their digital survey tool is very effective and has provided us with good insights for our R&D activities.
Olayide Oladokun
Project leader at Carlsberg Research Lab
The qualitative information that came with was super important and really helped to confirm our gut feeling. We also really like that it can be done within a week.
Karin Beukel
Founder of Agrain
The sensimate model

Start your journey with SensiMate

Consultation and study design

We help you with the scope of the survey and experimental design. Our experts set up and present the study with the possibility of revision.

Preparation and shipping of samples

Once the study has been defined, the necessary samples must be packed and forwarded to the agreed location.

Event and data Collection

Data gathering happens by serving the samples to a partially segmented audience, who, as a part of the interaction, shares their opinions.

Presentation of results

We analyse the gathered data and present the results to you. We strive to always present concrete insights ready to be implemented.