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From Lab To Lager: Carlsberg Research Lab's Journey Of Innovation With SensiMate

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SensiMate owes its existence to the Carlsberg Research Lab’s (CRL) dedication to discovering innovative methods of grasping consumer preferences and tastes. From our inception, CRL has been our inaugural client, engaging us to conduct a variety of tests tailored to their needs.


Carlsberg, a pioneering force in the global beer industry, established the Carlsberg Research Lab (CRL) to delve into the complexities of beer chemistry and organism physiology. Recognizing the need to align their innovative brewing techniques with consumer expectations, CRL partnered with SensiMate to harness cutting-edge insights into consumer preferences and tastes.


From the outset, SensiMate was enlisted by CRL as their primary collaborator to undertake bespoke testing methodologies. The partnership’s initial challenge emerged amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting an unprecedented opportunity to gather consumer feedback in real-life settings. This adaptability proved crucial in the development and successful introduction of a Carlsberg prototype in international markets.

Utilizing straightforward yet impactful feedback questions, SensiMate was instrumental in bridging the gap between Carlsberg’s innovative offerings and market expectations. This direct consumer insight became a cornerstone in guiding product development towards commercial triumph.


The collaboration expanded to include consumer feedback sessions at major events such as the Roskilde music festival and at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), providing invaluable insights for refining Carlsberg’s new initiatives. Despite Carlsberg’s extensive R&D capabilities, the value found in SensiMate’s agile and consumer-centric testing approach was unequivocally recognized. The effectiveness and insights provided by SensiMate’s digital survey tool were particularly lauded by Carlsberg, underscoring the importance of real-world feedback in honing innovation and ensuring market readiness. In their own words “It has been a pleasure working with Sensimate, their digital survey tool is very effective and has provided us with good insights for our R&D activities.”


The partnership between Carlsberg Research Lab and SensiMate exemplifies the transformative power of aligning scientific innovation with consumer insights. Through their joint efforts, they have set new benchmarks for product development in the brewing industry, demonstrating that even the most established companies can benefit from external expertise in navigating the complexities of consumer preferences.

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