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SensiMate is an awarded company from DTU, specializing in the creation and completion of consumer tests in the food and drinks industry. We design tastings where we serve your products to consumers in exchange for their feedback, gathering a quick and honest picture of consumers’ preferences. We can help you just like we today are helping Carlsberg and an array of smaller producers.

Jacob Kjærulf


Co-founder, CBS graduate in BSc Science in BA and mathematical business economics. Every year, hundreds of thousands of consumer products are launched, and over 90% of them fail. My mission is to help companies save and earn money thanks to better informed production decisions based on data derived from early product testing.

Irene Gil Donoso


Co-founder, DTU Graduate in MSc Food technology. I am passionate about facilitating the implementation of more sustainable and ethical practices of production based on consumers’ real needs, as assessing what we eat and how we consume it plays a key role in industry’s sustainable growth and development.

Jingbo Pan


Co-founder, DTU Student in MSc Design and Innovation. People are the center of products and services. Listening to and understanding consumers’ needs is crucial for developing products that can succeed in the market. I believe staying curious and iterating is the way to great innovations.

Gerrard Starr

Advisory board, Sensory test consultant

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen. I truly believe in the importance of meaningful experiences to draw the most genuine conversations from consumers that can shape the outcome of a product. That’s why contextual sensory testing is so crucial to set forth a sustainable infrastructure for development of foods and drinks.