Agrain Discovers New Market Opportunities At The Circular Lab At Roskilde Festival

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Agrain is a Danish company developing sustainable solutions for the upcycling of brewers’ spent grain – the most abundant by-product generated in the beer-brewing process.

They had developed a new prototype. Being such a novel product, they were unsure of what the reception would be among consumers. 

After a business call to introduce our company and services, Agrain reached out to us to help them understand better the potential of their new creation. We proposed to test it at the Circular Lab at one of the biggest events in Denmark: Roskilde music festival, as the numerous and varied audience would be perfect to get a clear perspective of the market’s thoughts about the product. 

The reception of the event was excellent. On reviewing the data, we were able to identify a core group of consumers, who were highly receptive to this product  .

Agrain couldn’t be happier with the results, in their own words “the qualitative information that came with was super important, and really helped to confirm our gut feeling”. Apart for creating direction for their product development, they were ecstatic with the fast delivery: 

We really like that it can be done within a week”. And now we are in conversation for new future events that we are sure will help successfully shape their upcoming products.